Seller Story: Dick Schneider, Boston, MA

Richard N. “Dick” Schneider is best known for his work on television, directing programs such as Jeopardy, and national broadcasts like The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and The Rose Bowl Parade. “He was a Drama major in college, before serving as a Naval officer during WWII. After the war, he moved to New York and worked at NBC Television for the next 20 years. He started out as a page, eventually working his way up to becoming a producer,” remembers his life partner, Jim Maher.

“Dick’s work in television has earned him numerous awards, including 11 Emmys. He’s worked with five presidents, one of them being President Ronald Reagan during the 1981 Rose Bowl Parade,” Maher recalls. “That day, Dick asked Reagan if he’d like to wish a Happy New Year message to everyone, and he did. It was a really nice presentation.”

To be the man behind some of the most viewed live national broadcasts and most beloved television programs makes him an unseen figure and fixture in the homes of so many Americans. “One night at about 7:30, we were in a plane flying over the United States and he looked down and said, ‘Just imagine, America’s watching Jeopardy right now. I’m so happy that I could be a part of it and bring happiness to so many people.’ It was quite a powerful statement.”

Seller Story: Dick Schneider, Boston, MA
Seller Story: Dick Schneider, Boston, MA
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Seller Story: Dick Schneider, Boston, MA

How did you and Mr. Schneider first become friends?

We met while doing volunteer work in the church and became good friends, and were together for about forty years.

As the person closest to the man behind the scenes, how would you describe him to the television audience that never got to see him on screen?

He was very caring, very generous and concerned about everyone. He put everyone else first, he knew it was important to treat others with decency and respect above his own personal interests. He had such a tremendous interest about everyone and everything.

I bet that quality came in handy for Jeopardy!

He was very interested in every subject. What he didn’t know about, he read up on. He was a very intelligent, well-rounded, and well-read man.

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