Seller Story: Patty Brisben, Cincinnati, OH

“I live in The Ascent building in Kentucky, overlooking the Ohio River and the Cincinnati skyline. When I decided I wanted to remodel my place, I realized very little would fit with the new look, so I chose EBTH. Going through the process really showed me how my personality has changed; how I’ve changed over the years. It reminded me of when I first moved to this condo from the suburbs. I’m an empty nester now, and I really wasn’t sure about how I was going to feel about moving to a condo, but I wouldn’t go back to a house, that’s for sure.

I’m the founder and chairwoman of Pure Romance, an in-home party company that offers an exclusive line of relationship enhancement products. When I work with nearly 35,000 consultants around the country, I want them to know, when I come into their town or take the stage in a meeting, that they can be proud of who I am. So I own nice clothes. My style is very classic, although I like stepping out of my box. I always tell my consultants: Change every now and again, it’s important to see yourself in many different ways. If you don’t, you become stagnant and you won’t always like what reflects back in the mirror.

So when I decided to purge and make these changes, bringing in an outside team was really helpful — going through and saying “Ok, I’m ready.” It’s a difficult decision because these are the things that you’ve worked hard for, the things that you’ve looked at every day when you come home, and sometimes they’re a reminder of people who have been here and now are gone and played a part in your home. But you know what? I made the decision to let these things go and let them find their way to somebody who is going to love them as much or even more than I did."

Seller Story: Patty Brisben, Cincinnati, OH
Seller Story: Patty Brisben, Cincinnati, OH

“I love looking out and seeing all of the growth in Cincinnati. I was born on the Ohio River and it’s beautiful to see all of of the industry that flows up and down it.”

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