Vintage Junkie: Nashville, TN

Vintage Junkie: Nashville, TN

“MAKE + MODEL started as a vintage pop-up shop out of my home. I would have sales every 3 months and stage my entire downstairs as a shop. It allowed people to envision the pieces in their own homes, and it’s also how the design side of the business started. Customers would be in my house, love the look and hire me to do the same for them. When my customer base and inventory grew, I moved into a studio space and did my best to create the same vibe. The greater square footage also allowed me to bring in new bespoke pieces, like the African juju hats, Moroccan rugs and wedding blankets. It’s amazing how things transform when you put them in a curated space. Standing alone, these pieces may fall flat, but together they create a beautiful whole.

My customers range from the young urban hipster furnishing his or her first apartment to the more established individuals looking for investment pieces for their dream home. We’ve also done residential design work and prop rentals for events. My design philosophy is: buy what you love and surround yourselves with things you love. Don’t worry about trends or what others might think. And I love learning about a piece; the designer, the provenance. It’s how my business got its name.”

Vintage Junkie: Nashville, TN
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Vintage Junkie: Nashville, TN

It seems like you gravitate towards Mid Century Modern. Do you think its popularity is going anywhere?

I do love Mid Century Modern for its clean lines and form-and-function design, however, I like to mix it with other styles so the space feels layered and interesting. I think the popularity of Danish mid-century has seen its peak and we’re shifting to the Italian and Brazilian mid-century designers.

Tell us about some of the items in the sale and how they can be used in a space.

The Moroccan wedding blanket is fantastic, these textiles are truly works of art. They’re made for a bride on her wedding day and she wears it like a veil or wrap. After, they’re used as blankets, rugs or wall hangings in the family home. I purchased this blanket in the Marrakech souk last year along with the Moroccan Beni Ourain rug, also in the auction. The Adrian Pearsall-style lounge chair is a great investment piece because it’s versatile for a living area, study or bedroom. And I have a thing for vintage barware, which is why I’m drawn to the pieces from Fred Press. I love using these glasses when we entertain, everyone always says a cocktail tastes better out of a vintage glass.

What’s a home accent or a piece of décor that you think is underrated?

I think lighting can make all the difference, and I also believe the same about art. It doesn’t have to be a $20,000 commissioned piece to make an impact. I love adding sculpture to a space or textural art, such as juju hats or some of the beautiful fiber art you’re seeing a lot of lately.

Any look, color story or style you’re feeling for fall?

Yes! Dark and moody. I’m loving all the saturated color palettes that are coming out, along with the faded wallpapers and fabrics. Everything has a very warm and worn feel. I still like brass, but I’m drawn more to the smoky chromes and unpolished metals.

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