The Original Collectors Series: Columbus, OH

The Original Collectors Series: Columbus, OH

“My father collected sports memorabilia for over thirty years. It started with baseball, he loved the game. He grew up in Boston with the Red Sox, but his true passion, which it kills me to say, was the San Francisco Giants, because he ended up planting his flag in that city. He respected the history of the sport; he loved the integrity of the game, and collecting pieces of it was part of that. It was fundamental to him. He was a businessman, and he liked to look at business through the lens of baseball.

His career took him all over the country and the world, and in each place he’d look for different kinds of memorabilia. There are quite a few pieces in the sale associated with the NHL, which he acquired while working on a project in Toronto. I’d call him and say “Where are you? What are you doing?” “Oh I’m in Toronto,“ he’d respond. “I found this great place for hockey memorabilia!”

Of course, he was thrilled with the Giants’ recent World Series championships. And for him, going to those games and seeing Willie Mays at the ballpark was incredible. He’d grown up with him. That’s why my dad liked to collect a lot of these pieces, because he felt like the careers were ongoing; one day you’re winning, and the next you’re not, but it’s all part of it; it’s all a continuum.” – Kevin

The Original Collectors Series: Columbus, OH
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The Original Collectors Series: Columbus, OH

What was his most prized piece in the collection?

Absolutely the baseball signed by Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. I can’t remember where he purchased it, but he loved to bring it out and show it to everyone. It brought him a lot of joy. Of course it was encased and he wouldn’t let you touch it; I’ve never touched the thing in my life!

Did he collect anything else?

He loved cars, and he collected a few antique ones over the years.

Regardless of affiliation, there seem to be many pieces from the greats: Michael Jordan, John Elway, Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice…

My father was successful in business and he really loved to watch people come from something and build up to it. I think he really enjoyed watching Tiger Woods — that he came out with a lot of fanfare but he lived up to his own hype. He always appreciated people who worked hard; kept at it. You don’t always have success but you keep working hard towards a goal. And that’s what you see in Jerry Rice and John Elway, and what you saw in Tiger Woods. They weren’t satisfied when they achieved success. They kept pushing.

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