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Randy Groden, Dallas, TX

For artist Randy Groden, painting has been more than just a form of expression for him, it’s been a life’s work enlightening viewers into the world of Abstract Expressionism; showing how art can illicit new imaginations within the viewer.

In his own words, “A strong piece of art is able to grab your attention and pull an emotional response from within you. This is my plan to keep your mind thinking and analyzing, and your eyes moving through the painting.” It’s been that plan that facilitated and propelled his career onto the Dallas art scene in the 80s; one that has put his work on the map, drawing the interest of influential people and collectors like Bill and Hillary Clinton, and business entrepreneur Mark Cuban to name a few.

For this collection, Randy worked mostly in oil and acrylic paints, with each piece being inspired from different parts of his travels through Europe. Most of the paintings in this collection are named for and inspired by Randy’s travels to Italy, Spain, Greece Monaco and France and the names are for streets, cities and mythical gods. Reflecting on themes of romance, Randy assures that his works are open to interpretation.

To hear him describe Abstract Expressionism is a practice in self reflection. Abstract Expressionism, a form of abstract art, is a movement that explores subjective emotional expressions through nonrepresentational and nontraditional means. It seeks to break away from the conventional representations of everyday objects and familiar subjects, being created through, sometimes, spontaneous bursts of creative energy. “The viewer is not distracted by meaningful images, so the mind is stirred into feeling the energy and spirit of the painting. Abstract Expressionism does not reflect any form of realism in fact, it breaks the rules.”

Seller Story: Randy Groden, Dallas, TX
Seller Story: Randy Groden, Dallas, TX
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Seller Story: Randy Groden, Dallas, TX

Where were these items displayed?

The paintings in this collection were displayed in various shows in Dallas, Texas, Maui, Hawaii and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What was it like going back through these pieces?

I happen to love going through these paintings and living with them displayed around me. They inspire me to create more.

What memories do you associate with specific pieces?

Each painting reminds me of my time in romantic places like Venice, Rome, beautiful Monte Carlo, and the islands of Greece.

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