Seller Story: Nicholas Barbieri, New Fairfield, CT

“One might say Art was who Nick was. He grew up helping his father work in their family-owned Italian delicatessen. His parents were from Italy, and Nick acquired his kitchen skills from his mother and grandmother, who lived with the family. He was a great cook but always had art in his head, heart and hands. His love for art influenced his every thought and perception. It supported him through the skepticism of relatives from the “old country.” They didn’t understand pursuing something with such low earnings, but Nick was undaunted.

Nick received his Bachelors from Pratt Institute, graduating cum laude, and his MFA from Lehman College. Throughout his art career, he had several studios and many solo and group exhibitions. His work is in many private collections and in The Hudson River Museum. Nick’s exploration of the visual relationships and effects of light on form, structure, and space have remained and evolved over four decades of his work.

Nick taught art in middle school, high school, and college, always as a conduit for his own work. In his later years, he campaigned for an art gallery for his middle school students. It was the only one we are aware of in the state and a smashing success. Nick ignited a passion for the arts in countless numbers of young people. Students with and without natural art skill excelled under his enthusiastic tutelage. The work he was able to encourage out of them was incredible, and often award-winning. He was adored by his students and colleagues; a true one-of-a-kind generous spirit". -Berenice Barbieri, wife

Seller Story: Nicholas Barbieri, Stamford, CT
Seller Story: Nicholas Barbieri, Stamford, CT

“Art was always his first priority and we built our world around it.

His dedication to art was boundless.”