Seller Story: Nashville, TN

“My husband Jack had the idea for the Opryland Hotel. Back in 1975, they were going to make just a little motel to accommodate the Opry people. And Jack said no, it’s time for Nashville to be a convention city. He was recruited to manage it, and when it opened in 1977, it was the largest hotel in the city. Then they added on to the building twice and ended up with 2,800 rooms. At the time, it was the largest hotel outside of Vegas.

The hotel was unique, and the staff had such a low turnover. That was important to Jack. People would come back every year or every couple of years for conventions, and they’d be able to see the same people working there.

We met in 1979 and married in 1982. My next-door neighbor was his assistant, and she introduced us. We met on May 22, he called me on May 23, and we went out on May 25—and the three days after that too. The next week was the same—four dates in a row. We were never apart after that." -Ellie Vaughn

Seller Story: Nashville, TN
Seller Story: Nashville, TN
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Seller Story: Nashville, TN

What are some of the standouts in the sale?

Jack’s desk and chair from his office. He was very well respected in the industry. He won so many awards, I don’t know what to do with them all. I sold our house because it was too big for me alone, and I brought his awards with me to display. The top was International Hotelier of the World. And when he retired, they named the street in front of the hotel Jack Vaughn Parkway. The print of 516 Russell Street hung in our home. It was a historic home in East Nashville that belonged to Hall Hardaway, one of our friends who owned a construction firm.

There are a ton of books. Was he a big reader?

He was interested in so many different things—history, and he loved science fiction. We do have some very old books in there too. He liked to fill in all his bookshelves. Then he got a Kindle. We thought we’d share one, but it didn’t work because he was always on it. So we each got one.

What about the guitar—did he play?

We got that at an charity auction. It seems like a requisite for living in Nashville, but he didn’t play the guitar.

You must have encountered many music celebrities over the years.

We did meet a lot of them. Minnie Pearl and her husband were great friends, Roy Acuff. There are signed portraits of them in the sale, also one of Porter Wagoner.

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