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Marcia Earlene Fertig, Cincinnati, OH

Strong-willed, creative, adventurous, and charming, Marcia Earlene Fertig had a groundbreaking career in Hollywood animation for more than forty years. After a childhood in Colorado, Florida, and California, Marcia enrolled in college in Glendale during WWII. While there, she talked her way into an all-male pilot training program. After its completion, she was recruited by Jacqueline Cochran to join the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS), and went to Sweetwater, Texas for training. During that time, she asked Walt Disney, an acquaintance from California, to design a logo for the squadron. He wound up coming down to Sweetwater to film the WASPS at work.

When she completed training, Marcia returned to Glendale and applied to Disney studios for a job in animation, armed with her portfolio of drawings from college. Refusing to take no for an answer, she talked her way into a team that at the time was comprised almost exclusively of men. Over her years at Disney, she worked in the Paint and Color, Background, and In Between departments. Marcia went on to work at Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, MGM, and Filmnation.

In 1987, she and her sixth husband, Ellis, moved to Cincinnati, where she retired, while Ellis helped his son with new businesseses. The pair adjusted to life after Hollywood: Marcia became an active member of the Cincinnati Art Club, and continued to do freelance animation until Ellis passed away in 2003. Throughout her life, she retained her love of glamour and fine things, from jewelry and dolls, to art, sculpture, mink coats and Asian chests.

Seller Story: Marcia Earlene Fertig, Cincinnati, OH
Seller Story: Marcia Earlene Fertig, Cincinnati, OH
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Seller Story: Marcia Earlene Fertig, Cincinnati, OH

Did she have an affinity for Asian art?

She loved Asia – especially China. She thought Chinese culture was the most sophisticated; the epitome of art and culture. Many of the pieces here are from her travels. Her husband gave her a plane ticket to visit Asia in 1975 and they went to Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

She seemed to have quite an affinity for turquoise!

She loved pawn or vintage turquoise, and she often bought pieces from a trading post a roadside stand.

Why so many cowboy boots?

I don’t know! She did used to wear a long denim skirt and cowboy boots. And when she found shoes she liked, she bought them in every color.

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