Seller Story: Joseph Holland–Dallas, TX

“During the early 60s in New York, Pop artist, Peter Max helped establish my presence in the antique world. ‘The Golden Age of Antique Shows,’ the period between 1960 and 1980, was a time when I could prominently display my collection of antique furniture, and also my eclectic mix of jewelry. It was not long before my passion and discernment for distinctive and excellent jewelry designs garnered a loyal clientele that was equally — if not more–dazzling.

Prior to designing jewelry, restored historic homes in Memphis. Starting out with just two homes from the Memphis Housing Authority, I was given five years to complete structural and external renovation, but also restore and plan the reuse of the homes as part of an Urban Renewal Act. By the time I was finished, I had saved 23 homes, and one of them housed my own antique shop on the ground floor, ‘Finishing Touch.’ I traveled the world collecting antiques and pieces to fill my shop and the home while dabbling in jewelry making as a side hobby. My metalwork experimentation occupied lulls between antique shows and events during my interior design career — my early workshop was a friend’s dental lab. Casting gold dental crowns was not entirely dissimilar to making jewelry, and in hindsight foreshadowed a sting that I did in India (which soon expanded to Burma and Thailand) where I honed a particular niche–designing fantastical and exotic reinterpretations of royal tiaras from the past.–Joseph Holland, jewelry designer

Seller Story: Joseph Holland, Dallas, TX
Seller Story: Joseph Holland, Dallas, TX

“I glory in excess, never using a little when a lot will do.”

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