Seller Story: Fayetteville, GA

Jake: We met 28 years ago in a gospel band and then we went our separate ways: Chris went into the EDM world, making music with DJs like David Guetta, and I went to country music back in Canada. I was part of the band Farmer’s Daughter for ten years — two weeks ago we were actually inducted into the British Columbia Country Music Association Hall of Fame. Chris and I always stayed in touch, and 28 years later, we got together.

Chris: We were married in 2014, and when Jake moved from Toronto into my house, we realized we needed to make space for her things. The condo we’re moving to in Atlanta is a great opportunity for us to combine our styles.

J: We’ve both have had careers where we travel all the time. Mine was a touring band, so I was on the road, in a bus, 270 days a year.

C: I was probably gone for about 100 days a year; performing on a lot of weekends and holidays. When I bought the house on eight acres, I wanted quiet. A place to recharge my batteries. One great thing about the space is that it is large enough to entertain. We’d use the baby grand piano for large performances, like hosting jazz musicians for a party with all of our friends.

J: Chris is also a bit of a pyromaniac, so he loved anything you can light on fire – there are a lot of lanterns in the sale. Those contributed to the calm environment we created outdoors.

Seller Story: Fayetteville, GA
Seller Story: Fayetteville, GA
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Seller Story: Fayetteville, GA

What’s your favorite item in the sale?

C: The baby grand piano. I bought it in Nashville and I’ve written so many songs on it. Also the microphone on which I wrote several David Guetta records and “Getting Over You” with Fergie and LFMAO.

J: The dress by Demons in My Closet.  It’s special, and probably the piece of clothing I’ve held onto for the longest. I wore it in a music video called “In Clemency.”

What’s it like to be at home with two musicians?

C: Well, there’s a lot of music, a lot of noise. When I write, I use the whole space, so I may be mid-conversation and stop and mumble to myself.

J: He goes very Rain Main a lot of the time. I’m like, Ok, he’s inside a song right now.

Tell us about the art.

C: There are several beautiful pieces of papyrus that I got while in Egypt for a performance. Over the years, I’ve also cultivated a love of painting, photography and drawing, and many of the photographs are from my travels. One is of my favorite Greek Revival structure: the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris. Some of the pieces I’m putting up for sale, like the painting of the male face, have come out of times when I’ve had intense writer’s block. It’s a kind of escape, so that I can come back to writing with a recharged battery.

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