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Downsizing with Jason and Jenny Biggs

“I actually think that downsizing is beneficial to growing a family,” says actor Jason Biggs, of his and wife Jenny’s recent purge of their belongings after moving from L.A. to New York City. “Since having kids I have been able to focus more on what is really necessary — and of course, it’s less about stuff and more about time.” We asked the actor/writer couple and parents of two to tell us how downsizing for their EBTH sale went from each of their perspectives (proceeds benefit Animal Haven in NYC):

Why are you selling these pieces?

Jenny: These are from our first home in LA, before we had kids, when we could still spend lots of money on furniture and not worry about somebody coming in and tearing it all apart.

Jason: Turns out kids require a lot of “stuff” and we had nowhere to put it!

How would you describe your approach to collecting?

Jenny: I love classic pieces with a story that can work on either coast. I hate getting too stuck in one era.

Jason: I believe Jenny would say that I’m a hoarder, but I prefer to say that I’m a collector who happens to be more sentimentally attached to things. If not for the marriage certificate, Jenny might want to put me in the auction.

When did it become clear you needed to downsize?

Jenny: When I first met Jason, all of his things were in storage, but the second we moved into our new home as a couple and Jason‘s sweater vest collection showed up on the front door, I knew we were going to need to downsize.

Seller Story: Downsizing with Jason and Jenny Biggs
Seller Story: Downsizing with Jason and Jenny Biggs
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Seller Story: Downsizing with Jason and Jenny Biggs

What is the hardest piece to part with?

Jenny: I’m sad to part with the outdoor furniture. Those pieces were extravagant for us at the time, but they just looked so amazing in our space.

Jason: I’m really missing our live-edge walnut slab dining table. It was literally too big to fit anywhere in our new space. Otherwise, we would have owned it forever.

How would you describe your significant other during this process?

Jenny: Jason can get lost for fifteen minutes in an old photo while I stand behind him getting rid of everything.

Jason: There were quite a few times I had to take something out of her “discard” pile and put it back in the “storage” pile.

What are you happy will have a second life?

The custom marble slab dining room table. It has seen so many happy times.

Jason: I’m hoping someone really appreciates the metamorphic folding library steps that I found in my early days in LA.

How did you enjoy the Jason Biggs Unauthorized Biography paperback?

Jenny: Loved it. It’s a great beach read

Jason: I liked the movie better.

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