Seller Story: Chloe Smith, Coto de Caza, CA

“My dad was very musically inclined – and 100% self-taught. He played the saxophone, piano, guitar, the drums, keyboard, you name it, he played it. But the piano was his favorite, I remember growing up hearing the piano every day. My mom was very involved in choir her whole life so she was blessed with a very beautiful voice. Often, she would sing while my dad would accompany her on piano or another instrument. They loved singing Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Rolling Stones – that kind of stuff.

The musical instruments in the sale along with some of the antique furniture are so unique and have a lot of character. My dad really took to collecting guitars and that is why we have a collection. But the grand piano belonged to him for more than twenty years and is very sentimental to our family as it was the centerpiece for many family gatherings, parties and social events and where people would sing and dance while my father played. They were very vivacious people who loved to entertain and be the life of the party. Whenever we had guests, music was always part of the equation.” –Chloe Smith

Seller Story: Chloe Smith, Coto de Caza, CA
Seller Story: Chloe Smith, Coto de Caza, CA
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Seller Story: Chloe Smith, Coto de Caza, CA

Is anyone else in your family besides your parents musically-inclined?

My brother is more talented than I am but he can play guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums – he’s far more musically inclined that I am.

Was your mother raised in a musical household?

My mom is second-generation Armenian. Her family immigrated from Armenia in the early 1900s to escape the Armenian Genocide. Her dad, my grandpa, was in an Armenian band in his 20s and 30s called Keftyme, composed of all gentleman. So he grew up playing music with his family and his kids.

The jewelry and fashion pieces are so spectacular.

All of the high fashion pieces were my mom’s. She loved nice clothing, nice shoes, and nice jewelry. She took her time finding pieces that she just had to have and much of it was found while traveling abroad. They tried to take an international vacation once every few years.

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