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A Dallas Fine Art Collection

“My collection was amassed over years, and you can see that it’s eclectic. I bought pieces that really interested me, and often that connected in some way to where I lived. Through my work in marketing, fashion and consulting, I lived in New York, Seattle, Columbus and Minneapolis, while traveling frequently to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Europe and Japan. These opportunities enabled me to explore the art in museums, galleries, exhibitions and streets, all of which helped expand viewpoints. A terrific learning experience for any collector.

Those habits carried over from my childhood and my mother, who took us to museums and art shows. It’s something I continued with my daughter as well. I loved taking her with me to galleries and involving her in my collecting. ‘What do you like?’ I’d ask her. She was very much a part of my acquisitions. It was great father-daughter time.

I tried to purchase things that appealed to me, or pieces that I didn’t understand. I explored a wide variety of mediums — photography, bird carving, painting; often following the taste and the interests of the moment. They’re all very different, but usually there was some degree of artistry to what I bought. Many of the works that I purchased were by artists who were at the time unknown.

I hope that people who purchase these get a chance to enjoy them. I’m ready to let them go, but I enjoyed every single piece.” — Dallas Collector

Seller Story: A Dallas Fine Art Collection
Seller Story: A Dallas Fine Art Collection
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Seller Story: A Dallas Fine Art Collection

Linda McCartney + David Gahr

Both photographers have portraits of Janis Joplin in the collection. “Janis Joplin, Circa 1968” was included in McCartney’s Book Sixties. “It’s towards the end of her career, and you can see the change in her,” notes the seller, of the work bought at a gallery in Seattle.

The photo by David Gahr of Joplin at a concert appeared in TIME magazine. “I saw her a few times in concert and she was a real belter,” notes the seller. “This photo captures her strong vocal presence.”

Gregory Grenon

I Sit Here, oil on plexiglass, was purchased from the Traver Gallery in Seattle. An American artist from Portland, Oregon, Grenon’s work is owned by the New York Public Library and the Seattle Arts Commission. Much of it features women in strong poses. “I thought it had a strength to it,” explains the seller.

Dean Chamberlain

Chair and Jewels is a good example of Chamberlain’s experimentation with light. “Before this was done with digital cameras and photoshop, Chamberlain would achieve this effect with a camera manipulation including a long exposure and waving a light wand.

Don Osier

“When I lived in Seattle and worked for a well known outdoor specialty brand, Osier went to one of our shows. I hadn’t seen wood carving, and he was an award-winning master. I was so impressed by the level of detail that he was able to capture and to be able to paint and make them lifelike was an extraordinary talent.”

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