Expert Profile: Fashion Content Editor

Robyn Graves

Expert Profile: Robyn Graves

“If you can find something that brings you joy, and you’re able to incorporate that into your work – you’re going to love what you do.”

-Robyn Graves

Robyn Graves has been surrounded and influenced by fashion, music, and art her entire life. Robyn grew up in awe of the country and pop stars she would see on television and hear on records belonging to her parents. After working for over a decade at EBTH, she now serves as our Fashion Content Editor, and her life’s work and passion has come full circle.

Expert Profile: Robyn Graves
Expert Profile: Robyn Graves

“Before I started at EBTH, when I was  involved in the music scene, I had an idea to create a line of clothing called ‘Gravy Wear’. A lot of my friends are musicians and had ideas of what they wanted to wear on stage for their shows but couldn’t afford the luxury of buying Manuel (Nashville designer) couture. I hand decorate and embellish vintage shirts and clothing that are one-of-a-kind. They’re individualized custom pieces,” says Graves. Her grandfather, nicknamed “Gravy” was a painter, and used to hand-paint custom wooden signs back in the ‘40s. He also played the fiddle in a band. Since she never got to meet her grandfather, but was always inspired by his career as a musician and painter, her ode to him was naming her clothing line after him. Also, the name “Gravy Wear” fits because “if you spill a little gravy on these shirts, it’s okay, because they’re not Manuel,” She explained with a big smile and a laugh.

Robyn was soon painting and embellishing designs on shirts and clothing for friends and musicians like Dwight Yoakam, The Derailers, Ralph Stanley, Lucinda Williams, Joe Ely, Big Sandy, Jim Lauderdale, and Dale Watson. Today, Dale Watson, who wore Robyn’s custom shirt on stage the day he got it, still honors the Gravy Wear shirt in the form of hanging it on the back of his tour bus.

While Robyn’s creative passions were taking off, her brother, Everything But The House Co-founder Brian Graves, was in the early stages of creating the EBTH brand. Soon after its conception, Robyn started working for EBTH. She started as a Crew Leader on estate sales and after a few years in that role, Robyn created our fashion showroom and began organizing fashion and jewelry sales.
As Everything But The House started to enter the world of specifically curated sales, expanding beyond its initial estate sale model, EBTH sent Robyn to work with Tanya Tucker in Nashville given her love of the city and music. Working on Tucker’s sales, Robyn encountered a couple “Nudie Suits”. Nudie Cohn designed the original, extremely rare and expensive heavily-embroidered-rhinestone-filled Nudie Suits that have been worn by notable musicians since the ‘60s. In addition to numerous stage outfits, Manuel, who used to work with Cohn, designed a custom made suit for Tucker.  “When you’ve always loved the detail and attention that goes into these suits, and you get to finally see and touch one in person, it’s just a dream come true. It was one of the most memorable moments I’ve had working at EBTH,” says Robyn.

Expert Profile: Robyn Graves
Expert Profile: Robyn Graves

As Fashion Content Editor, “I find all the fashion-related items – clothing, handbags, luggage, accessories – and make sure each item is authentic. I thoroughly check the photographs and make sure they accurately represent the items. I comb-over each item’s name, description, and attributes to make sure they’re all accurate. I then update them and, when necessary, add important details before clients see their items. I also assist in answering any fashion-related questions for catalogers, content specialists, customer service.” Graves continues “It’s such a joy to know that you’re helping people. You get a sense of who they are and where they have been from their things."

The underlying story of Robyn’s career is her innate, powerful desire to create things from her passion of fashion, music, and art. Jumping into EBTH with her brother, who is also passionate about things and the stories and people behind them, is a testament to the loyalty their family holds when it comes to each other and their interests. The things are what make Everything But The House the unique, eclectic, community-run marketplace it has become. People like Robyn help EBTH stay true to our values – passion, authenticity, and the pursuit of one-of-a-kind items.

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