Phyllis Trager Hyman

Everything But The House is excited to present a collection of paintings by artist Phyllis Trager Hyman.

Hyman was a self-taught talent who was raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a child of Jewish immigrants. As a prolific individual who suffered from schizophrenia and polio during the 1940s epidemic, art-making served as a therapeutic life source that nourished her during periods of isolation and mental hardship. Hyman’s lively and vibrant compositions feature matrices of interwoven and overlapping shapes, both geometric and organic, some of which recall characteristics of Fernand Leger’s Constructivist compositions or Wassily Kandinsky’s Compositions series.

E X H I B I T : Phyllis Trager Hyman
E X H I B I T : Phyllis Trager Hyman

Plagued by a negative self-perception, Hyman lived a quiet life with her husband of 36 years, and shared an interest in existentialism and Beat poetry. Much of her work expressed her feelings about identity, emergence, birth, confinement, and hope. Reviews have described her work as whimsical, puzzling, and even nightmarish, as her symbology incorporated aspects of her personal iconography and lexicon, such as letters, numbers, phrases, and visual puns.

Unfortunately, Hyman did not receive much attention in the art world during her lifetime, mostly due to her very private and isolated lifestyle. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to view this exceptional collection of her work.

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