Featured Collection:

Mialana Boutte' DeSoleil

Featured Collection: Mialana Boutte' DeSoleil

Mialana Boutte’ DeSoleil fashion designer and artist based in New York has decided to downsize her family’s collection, making fresh space to continue creating her own textiles and works of art. Mia attributes her fashion talent and eye for curation to weekends spent shopping and appreciating crystal, china and art with her Nana. Much of the collection consists of pieces her Nana and Papa collected over the years as well as couture gowns and works of art created by Mia herself.

Mia’s Nana and Papa were both executive chefs, Nana working at Los Angeles dining institutions the Century House and Brown Derby in Beverly Hills and also at the 20th Century Fox Studio Restaurant where she prepared cuisine for the stars. Together Nana and Papa were a formidable team of collectors, frequenting the halls of Gump’s department store in San Francisco to discover fine pieces of decor, always with an eye for Eastern works from Shanghai and Japan. Mia began joining her grandmother on trips around the age of 13 and soaked up the inspiration that would contribute significantly to her talent and success.

The collection features a selection of outstanding handmade hats from the celebrated maker, Jack McConnell. Mia’s Nana was extremely fashionable and built a wardrobe featuring the hats and other designer fashion items. In his prime McConnell’s beautiful creations could be found on the heads of many celebrities including Joan Crawford. Many of the hats in the collection feature McConnell’s signature marking, a feather sewn under the label inside the hat.

Mia has been building her own name and reputation in the fashion industry with her couture label Nolah Elan. She is a La Biennale awarded textile artist and now has boutiques on Park Ave and 5th Ave in New York. She has been storing and continuing to curate her family collection since her Nana passed away 6 years ago and is now ready to curate and infuse new pieces to the family collection and wants to make more space to continue creating art and textiles in her gallery in Tuxedo Park, New York.

Featured Collection: Mialana Boutte' DeSoleil
Featured Collection: Mialana Boutte' DeSoleil

Shop the collection now and hear more about the beautiful pieces featured in our upcoming virtual preview on September 9th at 6:30pm. We excited to share that the collection is slated to be featured in our upcoming TV series and as a part of the production you will have the opportunity to be featured in the show by going to live.ebth.com, turning on the new video feature and capturing the excitement of bidding on these pieces as the auction closes. We will be broadcasting live during the closing to share stories and the action on Sunday at 7:55pm. See the rest of this beautiful collection here.

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