Featured Estate:


Featured Estate: Leung-Weinstein

Sam and Christine Weinstein poured their time and artistic talents into improving the property for their own enjoyment and for future generations.

Sam, a New Yorker through and through, was a photographer who captured many moments in history, including an image of campaigning senator John F. Kennedy that can be found in the sale. Christine was an avid gardener and an amateur artist. Each season the product of her green thumb still comes into full bloom on the grounds. Sam and Christine traveled extensively in Europe and South America, the influence of their trips can be found in the well curated collection of art, jewelry and décor. They had a particular passion for Mexico and Italy, the collection features paintings, ceramics and jewelry discovered in small shops and galleries during multiple visits to these destinations.

As artists themselves Sam and Christine had a passion for collecting art. To them it was not about the notoriety of a piece or the artist, but the beauty they found it in. Many of these unique paintings, if they weren’t purchased abroad, were bought at local estate sales. Featured in the collection are multiple oil paintings by Richard Blauvelt Coe that were treasured possessions, the paintings were purchased from the estate of Anne Hunt Coe, the wife of the artist.

Over the years Sam’s son and his wife, Adam Weinstein and Mariana Leung, enjoyed escaping their lives in the city to visit the farm. When Sam and Christine passed, they inherited the estate and spent hours reconnecting with the property and its contents. Digging through the home was like exploring an emotional and enlightening time capsule, through the process they were able to connect with extended family and discover more about Adam’s parents and grandparents. Adam and Mariana simply could not let go of the beautiful property and after much deliberation they decided to leave Manhattan to carry on the legacy of the farm that Sam and Christine loved so dearly. Adam and Mariana have named the property “Wicked Finch Farm” after the mischievous and beautiful goldfinches that entertain them in the sprawling gardens and landscaping Christine nurtured over the years. Mariana continues to pursue a dream she shared with Christine, making jams from produce foraged on the land and has launched Wicked Finch Farm Boozy Jams and other products. They look forward to continuing the restorations, injecting their own personalities and building experiences that will allow more people to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the farm.

Featured Estate: Leung-Weinstein
Featured Estate: Leung-Weinstein

The couple is most excited about offering art and photography created by Adam’s parents, some of the historic military pieces because of their history, the vintage fashion pieces that Mariana connects with because of her career in the industry, family heirlooms like the banjo and bugle, and jewelry passed down through the family from their ancestors in Germany, Scotland and Russia.

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