How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference

Jewelry often makes up the most valuable items in an individual consignment or family estate, and selling your beautiful heirlooms online can make for a nice financial reward. Jewelry is one of our most followed categories among our more than 2.3 million registered bidders from around the globe. Here is a short run down of why is the premier outlet for selling your jewelry

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference
How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference

1. Our Knowledgeable Team

To ensure our marketplace and the featured jewelry meets the highest standard our team includes a licensed auctioneer, a member of the Certified Appraisal Guild of America, a Master Electronic Watchmaker with an AWCI certification and 8 certified GIA-Gemologists.

Our staff is actively involved with industry organizations like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, American Society of Jewelry Historians, Women’s Jewelry Association, AGL, AGS and Mason Kay. The team’s experience and passion is the backbone of our jewelry business and the reason we can stand behind every transaction through our Uncommon Promise.

2. Knowing When to Clean an Item

We know how important presentation is when shopping online. In order to make sure every item has the best possible visual, Our team professionally cleans items to remove tarnish, accumulated oils from handling, dust or other detritus that have built up over time. Even more important is knowing when not to clean an item, special consideration is taken when assessing extremely rare or antique jewelry.

Fragile jewelry may have to forgo being cleaned due to construction and at times patina can actually add to the value of hard to find specialty pieces. Letting a professional handle the cleaning will ensure the best-possible results and minimize the chance of damage so you can retain your jewelry’s value before the sale. All jewelry cleaned by EBTH utilizes the most stringent industry standards and specialized equipment.

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference
How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference

3. Identify It’s Rarity

Knowing the backstory of your jewelry can be important, and that doesn’t necessarily mean knowing its exact lineage or history, but knowing what it is made of, who made it, and where it was made. We evaluate each piece to precisely identify the stones and metals while always attempting to point out the maker. Not only does our team include GIA Certified gemologist, but experts in authentication.

From fine jewelry and watches by luxury brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Chopard, David Yurman or Rolex to costume jewelry made by high-end fashion houses such as Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton our team knows the hallmarks to certify the items authenticity.

4. Strategic Groupings

Many factors are considered when deciding how we group, or lot, items; value and material, style and era, as well as trends and aesthetics. From coveted vintage pieces to currently trending styles, our team of jewelry experts and auction curators can identify stand out items in your collection. There is always a market for precious metals and gemstones, these items having the biggest potential for profit are commonly sold as single items.

Most costume jewelry has minimal value in the secondary marketplace, however there are some exceptions to this, like vintage Bakelite jewelry, collectible brands, unique pieces and costume jewelry from high-end designers such as Chanel. Pieces that can stand the test of time or align with the latest “must-have” trends will have the broadest appeal and the best chance of selling at top market prices.

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference
How to Sell Your Jewelry Online, The EBTH Difference

5. Professional Photography

Producing quality photos of estate and consignment jewelry will help it shine to prospective bidders. Jewelry can be quite difficult to photograph given the small size and luminosity of gemstones. Markings and ornate details in a piece can require special equipment.

Our team of professional photographers utilizes the most up to date cameras, lighting and accessories within our specialized jewelry studio. Our experienced photographers and top notch studio allows us to show each piece in its best light. Combining all these factors together allows us to create stunning images for bidders to assess their favorites.

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