Bernice & Don Stacy

EBTH E X H I B I T is pleased to present a collection of monumental and Modernist paintings by artist couple Bernice and Don Stacy. These two artists met while studying at the Art Students League in New York. The collection exhibits each of their unique styles, featuring Abstract Expressionist, Fauvist and Cubist elements. Don’t miss the opportunity to add to your mod collection!

E X H I B I T : Bernice & Don Stacy
E X H I B I T : Bernice & Don Stacy

Donald Stacy

Donald Stacy is known for his monumental Expressionist and Abstract Expressionist paintings, many of which are executed with large gestural brushstrokes and abstracted angular figures. The artist grew up in New Jersey as a first-generation American of Irish descent and, shortly after high school, served in the United States Navy during World War II. After the war, Stacy studied art at several institutions including the Newark School of Fine Art, the renowned Art Students League where he met his artist wife Bernice Fisher, and the Pratt Graphic Arts Center. Stacy and his wife traveled to France when he received a Fullbright grant to study for two years beginning in 1953. During the 1960s, he taught at the New School for Social Research, the Museum of Modern Art and the School of Visual Art. Bernice and Don spent the remaining years together in a studio living space in Manhattan and held art classes in their Stacy Studio Workshop. Throughout his career, Stacy exhibited his work at multiple institutions including the University of Oklahoma, the Honolulu Museum and Knoedler Gallery, among others.

Bernice Fisher Stacy

Bernice Fisher Stacy was a New York-based artist known for her monumental abstract paintings. Many of her pieces feature graphic motifs, such as large geometric and organic shapes painted in vibrant colors and stark outlines, while her Abstract Expressionist pieces are executed with gestural brushstrokes. She also paints figural pieces that exhibit both Fauvist and Cubist elements. Stacy studied at the Art Students League in New York where she met her artist husband Don Stacy. Beginning in 1953, the couple lived in France for two years while her husband studied on a Fullbright grant. After returning to the United States, the couple opened the Stacy Studio Workshop which they managed together.

E X H I B I T : Bernice & Don Stacy

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