Before You Pitch It...

Before You Pitch It...

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or just doing some spring cleaning—you may want to take a closer look at your items before pitching them. These unassuming household items can be hiding in plain sight and the value they hold may surprise you. Before you make a trip to the dump or donation center take time to do some research so you can turn your trash into treasure.

Before You Pitch It...

Antique Tools

“They sure don’t make them like they used to..”, the old adage rings true when it comes to collecting vintage and antique tools. Well maintained antique tools can last decades and even be of better quality than their modern-day counterparts. Apart from being solidly built, antique tools are beautifully crafted and often used for decorative display purposes as well. Even if your old tools are no longer the shiniest in the shed they are worth taking a closer look at.

Fishing Equipment

Vintage and antique fishing equipment has become highly collectible by hobbyists and industry professionals. Many older fishing lures are handmade and hand-painted and carry an Americana/Folk Art aesthetic which makes them even more desirable to a larger audience. Collectors are interested in early lures constructed of wood—but reels, rods, and decoys are also highly sought after.

Vintage Computers

In today’s world it seems computers become quickly obsolete, only to be replaced by a newer and better model. However old tech dinosaurs are coming back around in the collecting world and demanding big prices. Dated technology from the dawn of the tech boom (70s, 80s, and 90s) is catching the attention of collectors interested in technology. Vintage computers hold a great deal of nostalgia, but are also sought after for the historical value and rarity they have. Computers, processors, and even accessories may be worth a quick google search to see if you have a diamond in the rough.

Perfume Bottles

Crafted out of glass to exude luxury and sensuality, perfume bottles are beautiful objects in their own right. Bottles were originally produced by hand in small batches, but were later replaced by large production runs after the Industrial Revolution. Perfume bottles can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, everything from large vessels to smaller ones meant to work as necklaces. Antique hand-made examples with ornate designs, or high-end designer brands are highly sought after in the collecting world.

Before You Pitch It...
Before You Pitch It...

Vintage Toys & Games

Parents often want to purge what they have held onto over years after their kids finally leave the nest. Things like vintage toys, video games, and cards are often among the first to go in an attempt to declutter the house. However these items can hold significant value and are making a name for themselves amongst collectors seeking a wave of nostalgia. In today’s market the right Pokémon card can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so before you pitch it make sure you don’t have something special.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is having its moment amongst younger generations who have traded in the fast fashion culture for unique quality apparel. Everything from early Victorian handmade garments to 2000s Y2K mass produced clothing is sought after amongst collectors. Vintage pieces offer quality and style for people wanting to set themselves apart from the trends and help reduce the almost 80% of textiles that end up in landfills.


Old, dirty, and outdated kitchen items may be an obvious thing to want to pitch into the trash, but some items can actually be quite collectible. Brands like Pyrex, Corningware, and Dansk are all in high demand given their quality and unique design styles. Antique pieces and kitchenware from the 50’s including glassware, cookware, utensils, and decor in fun prints are the most desired. Cast iron in particular may appear to be old and rusted but after some cleaning and reasoning could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Vintage Holiday Decor

Vintage holiday decor is widely collectible and brings back a sense of tradition and nostalgia that we associate with certain holidays. Vintage colorful and kitschy decor can be endearing and a great way to add some uniqueness to your favorite holidays. Decorations like antique Christmas ornaments and spooky halloween decorations offer unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else. Halloween decorations, often made of paper, were meant to be thrown away after the holiday making them even more rare and desirable.

Before You Pitch It...

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