Featured Artist:

Barbara Hershey

Transcending ordinary photography, creative force, and Assistant Professor, Barbara Hershey evolved as an artist through the continued exploration of aesthetic and deeply personal concepts. Hershey earned a degree in design from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s in art history from New York University. Her photography started with traditional black and white imagery focused on composition and light, over time she seemed to yearn for more depth and expressive creations. Hershey experimented with collage, drawing and painting with photos and negatives, adding complex layering and assemblages all while mastering techniques like cliché verre.

Featured Artist: Barbara Hershey
Featured Artist: Barbara Hershey

Her immense creative talent, passion for personal connections and further artistic development were cut short in 1992 by a sudden and life-ending diagnosis of leukemia. Hershey left a lasting legacy and a wealth of extraordinary artwork for her friends, family, and the world to remember her by.

We are honored to offer this important and robust collection of work from her estate.

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