A.C.E. | Modernism: Color Field Painting

In our second installment of our Arts, Culture and Education series, EBTH expert and Director of Artwork, Graydon Sikes introduces a remarkable private collection: works from artists of the Color Field movement — the genre known for bucking illustration in favor of large, simplified compositions — curated by a distinguished American art critic.

“This collection represents a rare and veritable ‘who’s who’ in the Color Field movement of the 1970s and 80s. Even more scarce are the intimate and professional connections these artists shared with one another and the collector, the late Kenworth Moffett (1934-2016), an influential critic and curator who played a pivotal role in the development of their careers. The provenance and association with Moffett speaks to the thematic cohesion of the Collection and lends to their individual significance and overall value. These pieces have been passed down in his family and never been offered for public sale until now."

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A.C.E. Series: Modernism
A.C.E. Series: Modernism

“It is a rare instance when a collective group of artists, all of whom worked in this important aesthetic movement, are offered together with original examples.”