House Rules:

Service is at the heart of everything we do. We’re powered by innovative technology but the human element of EBTH is what sets us apart in the vast world of e-commerce. Our white glove service is unique, seamless and committed to helping sellers realize their full earning potential.

In our business, trust is paramount, and everything we do needs to inspire it. Whether we’re working with a family to sort through a lifetime of possessions or verifying a rare issue for a comic book connoisseur, we’re committed to transparency at every step.

Innovation is what got us here, so we listen to it. The estate sale industry had been static for years until our founders thought “Why not sell items online?” That kind of questioning moves us forward, makes us better and forces us to reevaluate our technology and user experience time and time again.

There’s a reason our logo is a keyhole: we’re eager to unlock the stories behind everyday objects. We wonder how a Federal Period Pembroke table or collection of Mötley Crüe tee shirts wound up in someone’s home, what they mean in the context of a place and time, and how they can be repurposed! We’re curious. Discovery fuels us, our platform and the kinds of people it attracts.

You’d be hard pressed to find a group with this much passion for rummaging around in basements, digging through boxes and researching everything. Our curiosity is matched by individuals we service and the narratives we uncover through their objects. That’s why we’ll never lose the personalization and approachability inherent in EBTH: we’re lucky to be at the center of a community that celebrates the rare, historical, wonderful and weird.


Downsizing is stressful. We make it simple and profitable.