About Us

We’ve created an online path to daily discovery.

EBTH is a revolutionary online estate and consignment sale company. But that just scratches the surface…

Our History:
EBTH was born out of a passion for antiques, a desire to change the way that they’re discovered, and a commitment to providing sellers with a better alternative for selling their property. In 2008, Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves posted the first estate sale of its kind to EBTH.com. As word of the new and unique service began to circulate, the phones started ringing…and they haven’t stopped since. Today, we perform an average of 50 – 60 sales per month and our business continues to grow. We pride ourselves on our world-class service, a hard-earned and well-respected reputation, and a track record of success in profitably selling everything but the house. Others have tried to mimic our concept, but none have the experience or expertise of our team at Everything But The House. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and we’re eager to share our story with buyers and sellers across the world!

Where it’s going…
We are extending our service to more communities across the country. That’s why we’ve created:

  • A better experience that makes finding those special items that matter to you easier than ever.
  • A more enjoyable way to seek, explore and bid.
  • A platform that allows us to expand and grow.

How we’re different:
EBTH is more personal than an online auction site and more tech savvy than an auctioneer, consignment shop, or traditional estate sale company. We have a global bidder base that can access each and every sale from the convenience of their computer, phone, or tablet. And we have an informed community that helps spread the word and market each sale. We have registered bidders in all 50 states and international buyers from an array of countries across the world.

We’re the best solution for a seller.
Unlike traditional estate sales or live auctions, our forecast is always clear. Our sellers don’t have to worry about inclement weather or unforeseen events that could ruin a sale’s potential. Sellers have our guarantee that every item will be sold or removed. And they can also count on our respect, expertise, and compassion. Over a period of seven (7) days, buyers can bid any time…from anywhere. And a greater reach equals greater returns.

We’re better for the buyer.
All is fair in this bidding war. All buyers have seven (7) days to bid. And unlike some other auction sites, we do not allow bidders to dive in at the last seconds of a sale in an attempt to poach an item. As items begin to close, any last minute bids will add additional time to the clock so that everyone has a fair shot.

Here’s how it works:

  1. People come to us to help them sell a house full of items that have accumulated over a lifetime.
  2. Our expert staff works with the seller to evaluate their items, catalog, and photograph them. All items are uploaded to our website for sale.
  3. All sales last seven (7) days and each and every item starts at $1. We also offer an in-person Sale Preview that gives interested buyers the opportunity to see every item in person.
  4. When the sale ends and all bids are final, we collect payment and facilitate pickup.
  5. For the buyer, it all ends with the purchase of something that they love. For the seller, it ends with a detailed inventory of what was sold and a quick payment.

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Gilt Bronze Seated Bodhisattva.
Price Realized: $45,100.