EBTH has received a number of questions from our partners regarding this process and we would like to help everyone. Please know, more than anything else, while we would like nothing more than to assist you, EBTH is unable to provide tax advice or directly advise you on your individual situation. This FAQ is not tax advice and should not be interpreted as such. Further, any communication via text, email, phone or in person with any employee or representative of EBTH should not be considered tax advice. If you are in need of tax advice we strongly recommend that you consult a tax professional.

Additional information drafted by our legal team can be found at www.ebth.com/1099. Topics on that page include:

  • Why is this happening now?
  • What revenue is EBTH required to report to the IRS?
  • What if I paid more for my items than I received in sale proceeds?

Q: My address is incorrect on the email I received. How do I fix that?
A: Email [email protected] and tell us the correct address. We will reissue the link to you with the next round of emails we send. Please rest assured that nothing was physically mailed to this address as part of this process.

Q: Is Avalara really working with EBTH?
A: Yes, EBTH has partnered with Avalara to collect W9 information to populate the 1099-k for tax year 2022.

Q: Under “Reason” what form am I supposed to select?
A: If you are unsure which form you need to fill out please contact a tax professional. While EBTH can’t directly advise you in your individual situation we can let you know that the majority of our clients will need to select W-9. This option may require you to scroll down inside the selection box.

Q: I signed on behalf of an estate, what should I do?

A: Trust/Estate is an option that you are able to select under the “Select your Federal Tax Classification” section. An estate can also have a specific tax payer name and identification. To find out if the estate you signed on behalf of has this, please consult a tax professional.

Q: None of the “Exempt Payee Code” or “Exemption from Facta Reporting Code” selections apply to me. What should I do?
A: There is an N/A option at the bottom of each of these drop-down menus that you can select.

Q: The Avalara site won’t let me click the “Next” button. What should I do?
A: All of the fields on this form are required. If you have not filled out one of the text fields or selected one of the drop-down options, please finish that and you should be able to select the “Next” button.

Q: How much have I been paid by EBTH this year?
A: You can find this on your seller dashboard under invoices. If you are already logged into your EBTH account click the link HERE. Please pay attention to the “Check Released” date referenced by each payment.

Q: I need to submit a W-8, how do I do that?
A: Please send a pdf copy of your W-8 to [email protected]

Q: Will EBTH send me a copy of a W9 to fill out?
A: While EBTH won’t send a blank W9 for you to fill out these can be found on the IRS website. If you fill out a W9 you are able to upload a copy through the Avalara portal.

Q: How do I get a copy of my W-9?
A: The link you received from Avalara collects the necessary information to fill out a digital copy of a W-9. Once completed, this form will be used to file the 1099 that the IRS requires that we file. A copy of the W-9 using the information you provide can be downloaded once you have signed and submitted your responses on the second page of the form.

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